Silk and Cashmere began its journey in 1992 when Aysen Zamanpur and her team set out to the Inner Mongolia, the very nest of the highest quality cashmere, to discover and explore this enchanting fiber.

TEXWORLD PARIS (11-14 February 2019)

TFF Magazine was on display Texworld Paris, the trade fair of the clothing and textile industry, took place in Le Bourget, Paris, from 11 to 14 February 2019. 13,929 visitors flocked to…

PREMIÈRE VISION NEW YORK (15-16 January 2019)

Turkish textiles enjoy a strong image across the World. We are the biggest textiles producer in Europe. We proved our power in technical textiles, design and fashion. Turkish textiles sector participated in…


We became a key solution provider for many Turkish Garment manufacturer. Our aim is to co-operate with them in a very strategical way to improve production technics to reduce the consumption of water, chemicals and energy.


Although the products we produce are mostly Baby’s and Children’s wear fabrics, we also cover a fabric range regarding women’s clothing and Men’s shirt design.